• Reviewed by: sara.nair  on: //2019
    We just received a delivery from this restaurant and it was the WORST Chinese food I have ever tasted. We ordered special friend rice and received over-cooked boiled rice which was so congealed it stuck together like glue. We also ordered sweet and sour chicken and sweet and sour prawns. The chicken was like very soggy chicken nuggets - totally plain, tasteless and very poor quality. There was a separate sauce which was bright red in colour and tasted disgusting. We called to complain and said we couldn’t eat any of the food (an order for 4 people) as it was so awful. The chef lied about the rice - said he had cooked it especially for us with pork and prawns (there was nothing at all in it except very congealed boiled rice) and then he said he was too busy and put the phone down. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS RESTAURANT! We spent over $50 and it was inedible.
  • Reviewed by: courtneysmithbarfield90  on: //2018
    I wrote on my order no peas or carrots and I was given peas in my food anyway as well as telling them I wanted eel sauce for my sushi I received soy sauce and I asked for plates and forks and napkins and received neither one of them.
  • Reviewed by: ddr072608  on: 29/01/2015
    Love it!
  • Reviewed by: brittbleidt  on: 21/11/2014
    good delivery, good sushi, reasonable price.
  • Reviewed by: Emorge1165  on: 21/10/2014
    Just got delivery , it was horrible.
  • Reviewed by: phoebeflowers  on: 18/10/2014
    Love to have sushi delivery!
  • Reviewed by: youngbawss  on: 24/09/2014
    ok food fast delivery
  • Reviewed by: phoebeflowers  on: 31/08/2014
    Excellent delivery
  • Reviewed by: robinlock  on: 27/08/2014
    I LOVE this place! The owners are such hard workers and are always so nice and quick. Food is always hot, cooked to order, and delish! Plus, they deliver.The food is good and delivery is quick!!!
  • Reviewed by: VINCENTXIA88  on: 20/08/2014
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